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March 17 - March 18, 2018


Weekend Admission $15.00
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Jennifer Clifton - Booth No.107
Clifton Cannabis Law
DAY: Sunday
TIME: 12:00 pm
Setting Up the Best Corporate Structure to Set the Right Foundation for Your Cannabis Business

Jennifer Clifton, experienced and season corporate transactional lawyer and founder of Clifton Cannabis Law, will analyze the best corporate structure for your cannabis business in light of the major issues confronting cannabis businesses, such as IRC280E, raising money, bank issues, and other legal issues related to cannabis businesses.  Jennifer will discuss legal issues to consider, such as tax issues, securities issues, and banking issues, when structuring your business.  Do you create a LLC, multiple LLCs, a branding company, a property management company, and the farm?  How do you raise money for the business when there are multiple entities?  All the exciting questions that keep entrepreneurs up at night.