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September 8 - September 9, 2018


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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors List
Jenny Cassa

A-1 Scale Sales & Service / ABM Equipment Company

Booth Number - 200

Sales, Service, Calibration, Registration


AG Security and Control

Booth Number - 404

Surveillance, Alarm and IT

megan champagne

Anxiety Girl Lotions

Booth Number - 108

Roach Mclanahan

Applegate Soils

Booth Number - 407

Locally Blended Soils & Hydroponics

Tim Bakke

Bakke Brothers Brand

Booth Number - 10



Booth Number - 105

Custom Soils & Ammendments

Rebecca Knight, PH.D

BIOS Lighting

Booth Number - 306

BIOS Lighting

Gina Kolhage

Cannabiz Journal

Booth Number - 110

Washington and Oregon Coverage

Gina Kolhage

Cannabiz Journal

Booth Number - 111

Washington and Oregon Coverage

Andrew Young

CannAg Inc.

Booth Number - 203

Nutrients for Commercial Crop Production

Nicole McCoy

CBD American Shaman Vancouver, WA

Booth Number - 405

Kevin Simmons

Coboo Creations

Booth Number - 109

handmade ceramic and wood pipes

Caleb Salstrom

CSI: Humboldt

Booth Number - 701

A collection of heirloom crosses

DeBorah Beatty

DeBorah Beatty Art

Booth Number - 210

Original art, handcrafted jewelry and accessories, kinetic toys.


Emerald Triangle Dispensary

Booth Number - 205

Emerald Triangle Dispensary

Catherine Emond

Evio Labs

Booth Number - 304

Cannabis Testing and Research

Bob Johnson

Green Fusion LED

Booth Number - 3

LED Cultivation Lighting

Bob Johnson

Green Fusion LED

Booth Number - 207

LED Cultivation Lighting

Tyler Kinert

Green Valley Wellness

Booth Number - 411

High Quality Cannabis

Keoni Gutierrez

GreenBroz, Inc.

Booth Number - 202

GreenBroz - Automated Harvesting Solutions!

Bear Surasky

Grow Magazine

Booth Number - 309

Quintessential Cannabis Horticulture Magazine

Shannon Weldon

Hijinx Cannabis Co.

Booth Number - 606

Dispensary,Great Deals, Amazing Products

Hold Booth

Hold Booth

Booth Number - 106


House of Leaves

Booth Number - 4

Medical & Recreational Dispensary in Ashland

Mahalath Wealthy

Kangen Queens

Booth Number - 117

Kangen Water for Cannabis

KBE Central Point

KBE Central Point

Booth Number - 905

Serving All Farmers' Equipment Needs

KBE Central Point

KBE Central Point

Booth Number - 12

Serving All Farmers' Equipment Needs

Kris Daly

Kris Quilts & Crafts

Booth Number - 107

Jessica Hope Prince Kroll

Lady J Arts

Booth Number - 301

Handcrafted Jewelry

Josey Heston

Mammoth Microbes

Booth Number - 406

Stacy Page

Market Street Wellness

Booth Number - 501

CBD products

Randal Barrett

R&D Innovations

Booth Number - 505

The PerfectPipe

Rick Maugh

Rick's Monster Grow

Booth Number - 600

Grow Monster Size Plants!

Robert Graydon

Robert Graydon Pottery

Booth Number - 400

Wheel Thrown Stoneware

Dan Huson

Rose City Laboratories

Booth Number - 206

Informational booth with hand outs and gifts

Brent Kenyon

S. Oregon Alternative Medicine

Booth Number - 511

Come visit our clinic!

Heather Bakner

Sacred Spaces Healing Arts

Booth Number - 909

Therapeutic Chair Massage

Grant Cagann

Scynce LED

Booth Number - 201

Rob Miller

Booth Number - 307

Seeds Here Now . com

Thomas Boruff

SOS Alarm

Booth Number - 1

Helping Protect Southern Oregon Since 1968

Speedee Trim Inc.

Speedee Trim Inc.

Booth Number - 507

Precision Hand Trimming Tools

Andy Eggleston

Starfish Designs

Booth Number - 6

Hand Crafted Glass

Andy Eggleston

Starfish Designs

Booth Number - 7

Hand Crafted Glass

Sue Ploeger

Sue Ploeger Designs

Booth Number - 208

Ceramic monsters/pots; jewelry

Sun God Medicinals

Sun God Medicinals

Booth Number - 204

Bioregional Herbal Compounding Company

Robert Pardee

Terpene Fresh

Booth Number - 112

High-Barrier Film with modified atmosphere packaging. Machines reducing O2 levels to preserve cannabinoids. Full-service flexible film packing.

Lindsey Gray

The Heat Pump Store

Booth Number - 100

Ductless Heat Pump Experts

Kat Prince

The Herbal Gerbil

Booth Number - 300

Artisan Crafted Herbal Pain Relief, Skin Care & 1st Aid Products, and Home Herb Processing Equipment.

Molly Nichols

Three Little Birds Farm

Booth Number - 604


Top Shelf Wellness Center

Booth Number - 504

Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Kind


Top Shelf Wellness Center

Booth Number - 506

Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Kind

Ben McCord


Booth Number - 305

Trimbag Dry Trimmer

Jeremy Blau

Vital Earth's Products

Booth Number - 500

Organic Soil Building Ingredients

Cindy Gua


Booth Number - 8

Jeremy Hayes

Wicked Flower Shoppe

Booth Number - 9

Jeremy Hayes

Wicked Flower Shoppe

Booth Number - 13

Ken Remington

Wild Rogue Extracts

Booth Number - 401

CO2 Full Spectrum Concentrates