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July 14 - July 15, 2018


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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors List
Eric Krzywicki

Canna Mechanical

Booth Number - 207

Caitlyn Drybrough

Centurion Pro Elite Trimming

Booth Number - 505

Cannabis Trimming Solution

Albert Lustig

Evio Labs

Booth Number - 500

Cannabis Testing and Research



Booth Number - 101

This is the default booth short description

Naomi Test

Green Products Inc

Booth Number - 200

Andrew Kramer

Left Coast Garden Wholesale

Booth Number - 203

The highest quality, innovative hydroponic products on the market!

Randal Barrett


Booth Number - 215

The PerfectPipe

Tim Wright

Queen of Dragons

Booth Number - 601

Distribution for the North State

THC Fair

THC Fair

Booth Number - 202

THC Fair T-Shirts and Stickers!

Robert Masterson

The Harvest Company

Booth Number - 201

We help you grow

Vick VanSickle

Vic's Stix

Booth Number - 401