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July 14 - July 15, 2018


Weekend Admission $10.00
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Jam N Jet Genetics - Booth No.404
Jam N Jet Genetics

Jam N Jet Genetics is a Team ran by 2 Brothers with 1 mission, Bringing Great Genetics to the industry to meet the consumers needs, from collectors, to medicinal purposes. We pride ourselves on quality controlled product/environment, anything that we provide is 100% guaranteed to meet consumers needs! The proof is in the genes. Over the last 5 years we've gained knowledge and guidance from the top breeders in the imdustry. We plan to achieve greatness by reaching as many consumers possible. Our genetic lineage is an outstanding line-up and comes from the best in the industry to achieve our final product ! Follow us on instagram @jam_n_jet_genetics _ /@jam_n_jet_genetics