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November 2 - November 3, 2019


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- Booth No.110
Oregon Sungrown Growers' Guild
DAY: Sunday
TIME: 3:00 pm
Main Stage
Pot Policy & Politics. What Weed all like to know

'Pioneer' Pete Gendron- Oregon SunGrowers Guild President - Omnibudsman Enterprises

Pete will be bringing us up to speed with an informative presentation and Q&A on what is happening both in Oregon and Nationally.  With major changes here and at the Federal level, 2018 is a whole new ball game in the cannabis industry.

Regarded as one of the top experts in cannabis overall, Pete brings a wealth of knowledge of the industry from within through decades of experience, and from the policy makers point of view. Pete has served on multiple Committees in Oregon, by appointment of the Governor, and at the request of our legislature.  He combines his practical knowledge of the plant with experience doing beta and process work for his clients in the cannabusiness industry through Omnibudsman Enterprises.

As President of OSGG and a medical grower and cardholder himself, Pete has helped patients and growers organize to protect our rights both locally and in Salem for years.  Pete works closely with other groups both in and outside cannabusiness to guarantee our liberties are represented. An authoritative speaker who has presented for many audiences in Oregon, his lectures are wall to wall information and entertainment.  THC Fair is delighted to have him back again to keynote our event schedule!

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to learn from the man the community and officials turn to for the real answers to the hard questions!