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November 2 - November 3, 2019


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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors List
Dougals Skove

00 Seed Bank

Booth Number - 207

Retail souvenir seeds

Tori Wright

2 dye 4 Creations

Booth Number - 508

Medical Cannabis Products

Catherine Fields

Acreage Holdings, LLC

Booth Number - 309

Vinh Le


Booth Number - 205

Brian Michaels

Brian L. Michaels, P.C.

Booth Number - 404

Marijuana Attorney

Jessica Jasik

Bumble B. Well

Booth Number - 102

CBD infused raw OR honey, Bee Balm, CBD Honey tea spoons. Jewlz Jams and honey trios.

Breeze A Powell Spivey

Canna Honey

Booth Number - 311

Cannabis Infused Honey Products

Chef Sebastian Carosi

Chef Sebastian Carosi

Booth Number - 307

Chef Sebastian Carosi...a Short-Order Cannabis Revolutionary

Christine Bertucci

CTFO-CBD Christine Bertucci

Booth Number - 209

Hemp CBD & stable CBDA

Bruce Stephens


Booth Number - 201

Craig Styles

Dutch Bud Clothing

Booth Number - 104

Located in Booth #206


Emerald Valley CBD & Tantra Vape

Booth Number - 408

Tantra Vapor Pens and Premium CBD products from Emerald Valley CBD

Dave Twidale

Evergreen Power & Electirc

Booth Number - 304



Booth Number - 507

Visit THC Fair through the eyes of Funqdaqit a local southern Oregon Jam Band Documentary style with the help of our colleagues at The Good Earth Organics, 541Thc, and Cannascape.

Keoni Gutierrez


Booth Number - 500

Doug Mau

High Art Studios

Booth Number - 106

We create art that tells the story of the Cannabis Experience

Doug Mau

High Art Studios

Booth Number - 108

We create art that tells the story of the Cannabis Experience

Niccie Preston

Infinity Tie Dye

Booth Number - 310

Uniquely Beautiful Tie Dye

Roy Lautamo

Kasviex, Inc.

Booth Number - 203

Tralain Benner

Mama T's Pet Products

Booth Number - 405

Pet Therapy CBD Oil

Tralain Benner

Mama T's Pet Products

Booth Number - 900

Pet Therapy CBD Oil

Doug Hibbert


Booth Number - 401

True living Organic Cannabis Farm


LOL Edibles

Booth Number - 305

Hand crafted edibles guaranteed to satisfy all sweet tooth cravings! Fastest activation time on the market...seriously, time it! :)

Taylor Robinson

Native Gardens

Booth Number - 303

Bailie Carpenter

Oreganic Wires

Booth Number - 501

Wire wrapped and electroformed jewelry, pipes, and smoking accessories.

Timothy Rush

Oregon Blue Label

Booth Number - 301

Timothy Rush

Oregon Blue Label

Booth Number - 400

Rachell Barringer

Oregon Bud Company

Booth Number - 417

A Greener Way Of Life Oregon Bud Company is a recreational dispensary with stores in Beaverton, Clackamas, Keizer, and Newport. OBC will also be opening two additional Portland locations in 2018.

Paul Terrell

Oregon Hemp Genetics, LLC.

Booth Number - 511

Pioneer Pete OSGG President

Oregon Sungrown Growers' Guild

Booth Number - 110

Oregon's Premier Cannabis Advocates

Kay Allen

Our Green Family

Booth Number - 411

Medical Marijuana Non Profit

Kelci Schlaht

Rose City Labs

Booth Number - 410


Royal Blunts

Booth Number - 504

Stay Loyal to Royal


Royal Blunts

Booth Number - 506

Stay Loyal to Royal

Michelle Thompson

Scentsy #202

Booth Number - 211

Fill your life with fragrance!

Alexa Ooley

Seventh Hill CBD

Booth Number - 510

Hand crafted CBD products from Ashland, Oregon.

Victor Gallicchio

SI Pipes

Booth Number - 100

Blown Glass Smoking Apparatus

Andy Eggleston

Starfish Designs

Booth Number - 308

Hand Crafted Glass

Camille Utley


Booth Number - 402

Sun God Medicinals

Sun God Medicinals

Booth Number - 300

Bioregional Herbal Compounding Company

Elle Steele

The Bake Shop Dispensary

Booth Number - 306

Salem Bake Shop Dispensary!


The Coco Depot

Booth Number - 503

Garden & Horticulture products

The Company of Fools

The Company of Fools

Booth Number - 509

Kat Prince

The Herbal Gerbil

Booth Number - 409

Artisan Crafted Herbal Pain Relief, Skin Care & 1st Aid Products, and Home Herb Processing Equipment.

TJ Arnovick

The Original Resinator

Booth Number - 502

The Original Resinator

Shawna Thompson

The Stoney Babe Box

Booth Number - 406

Boxes for female smokers

Greg Forkash

Trim Butler

Booth Number - 505

Justin Brady

Wana Brands

Booth Number - 403

Enhance Your Life

Rochelle Koch

Whole Circle Farms

Booth Number - 302