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May 19 - May 20, 2018

Coos Bay

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David Masko
DAY: Saturday
TIME: 11:00 am
Donating Cannabis “Medicine”

Donating Cannabis “Medicine” in a time of Oregon’s massive opioid epidemic: Why sharing pot is an Oregon Sixties tradition

David Masko will spotlight Gov. Kate Brown’s call to use “donated” cannabis CBD and other products so veterans in need of this “medicine” will not have to face opioid addiction and potential suicide with a vet taking his or her life somewhere in America “every 8 minutes,” states the VA.

Background:  Dave Masko is an original member of “Grow for Vets Eugene,” while also a current member of “Hero Grown,” a new effort to promote OLCC legal cannabis donations for vets and seniors in need.  Dave retired in 1999 from the Air Force and moved back to Oregon. 

 DAVE MASKO is the author of more than 250 books on new journalism, technology addiction, odious Donald Trump; and Oregon travel focused on nourishing the soul and deepening the inner life.  Retired Air Force Master Sergeant Masko is an award-winning foreign correspondent and photojournalist who has published prolifically in top print newspapers and magazines online. He has reported on vital issues worldwide over the past 40 years. He accepts freelance work. Contact him at