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May 19 - May 20, 2018

Coos Bay

Weekend Admission $15.00
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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors List
Tori Wright

2 dye 4 Creations

Booth Number - 500

Medical Cannabis Products

Bill Arma

Bahama Buds

Booth Number - 302

Recreational and Medical Dispensary

Floyd Russell

Bayshore Smokin' Glass

Booth Number - 700

Brian Michaels

Brian L. Michaels, P.C.

Booth Number - 100

Oregon's Top Marijuana Attorney

Jack Young

Bud Bionics

Booth Number - 602

Dave Chappelle

Chappelle Enterprises

Booth Number - 102

we will have displayed security HD surveillance cameras, and systems.


Emerald Valley CBD & Tantra Vape

Booth Number - 403

Tantra Vapor Pens and Premium CBD products from Emerald Valley CBD

Ron Kubota - Director of Client Services

Evio Labs

Booth Number - 400

Cannabis Testing and Research

Joe Pietri

Gold Crown Seeds

Booth Number - 202

Bob Posthuma

Greater Earth Organics

Booth Number - 999

GEOTEA Compost Tea Machines

Paula McGuigan

Home Spray Foam & Insulation

Booth Number - 101

Spray Foam Insulation

Amber Orr

Kush Bottles

Booth Number - 301

Josey Heston

Mammoth Microbes

Booth Number - 207

Brian Bartley

Mari Jane's Massage

Booth Number - 601

No High Be Healthy

Pioneer Pete OSGG President

Oregon Sungrown Growers' Guild

Booth Number - 501

Oregon's Premier Cannabis Advocates

Ginger Ravenscroft

Ravenscroft Escentials

Booth Number - 204

Therapeutic-grade Essential Oil

Dusty Alexander

Booth Number - 401

Seeds Here Now . com


Sidney's Indoor Garden & Lighting

Booth Number - 402

Garden and Hydroponic equipment

steve neigut

Smokin Screws LLC

Booth Number - 603

Tired of screens and stars. New technology... Smokin Screws. Raved about product. Better burn, easy in and out and flick to clean.

Carly Culin, Kayla Rau

The Good Earth Organics Supply

Booth Number - 600

Organic Soil Manufacturing Company

Lindsey Gray

The Heat Pump Store

Booth Number - 200

Ductless Heat Pump Experts

TJ Arnovick

The Original Resinator

Booth Number - 998

The Original Resinator

Randal Barrett


Booth Number - 300

The PerfectPipe

Ben McCord


Booth Number - 203

Trimbag Dry Trimmer

JC Costello

Trippy Hippie Smoke Shop

Booth Number - 205

Ron Tollenaar

Tuff Shed

Booth Number - 201

Leading supplier of Storage Buildings

David Cooper

US Cellular

Booth Number - 206