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July 14 - July 15, 2018


Weekend Admission $10.00
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Scott Mosshart - Booth No.304
Carbon Logic
DAY: Sunday
TIME: 12:00 pm
Carbon Logic - Grow Bigger, Better Buds

Ag Energy is a clean technology company focused on converting agricultural waste into synthetic gas and high value natural soil amendment products branded “Carbon Logic". The Carbon Logic product line is being developed by customizing formulations for each crop to provide significant yield and quality improvements. In addition to improving crop yields, Carbon Logic reduces fertilizer and water usage, while providing an economical means for carbon sequestration.

In the expanding Marijuana Industry, growers are bearing the financial burden of the projected $15B in growth projected over the next 3 years. Currently, growers are struggling to scale up production. Carbon Logic can provide a significant increase to the quantity of marijuana produced by the cannabis plant. At the same time Carbon Logic products enhance overall plant vitality resulting in improved resistance to disease and minimizing potential crop damage.

Come see how this Carbon Logic can help the Cannabis Industry grow Bigger, Better Buds!!