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July 14 - July 15, 2018


Weekend Admission $10.00
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Joe Pietri - Booth No.213
Gold Crown Seeds
DAY: Saturday
TIME: 11:00 am
Using Photoperiodism to Customize Your Cannabis Grow

Photoperiodism, what is it? Join Joe Pietri in this engaging presentation to find out. Joe will discuss what a Short Day plant is, what a long day plant is, and what day neutral is. He will also cover what the correct Photo Periods are for cannabis and how to grow multiple crops year round using Photoperiodism and light deprivation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn this advanced growing technique from the King of Nepal!

Joe will also be discussing the benefits of outdoor light deprivation techniques for exceptional flower quality and production.

Joseph R. Pietri is the author of " The King of Nepal", a book of his life full of adventure,suspense within the drug trade before the drug wars started in the 1970's. Mr Pietri appears in the fascinating documentary "The American drug War;The last White hope".He also,will be in a bio of Peter Kelley who was a musician and in the cannabusiness,a drug dealer for top musicians .Joseph R.Pietri has earned respect at home and internationally within the cannabis culture as a trusted source of reliable information writing in such magazines as : High Times,Skunk, and Treating Yourself.Mr.Pietri has a very exciting new book coming out very soon titled "The 15 ounce,pound" ,where he exposes today's death grip on mother nature by the cannabis laws,regulations,top advisers,"professional growers",as all part of a system that robs humans of their natural born rights with misinformation and badly mutated genetics, rendering poor quality and useless cannabis unlike cannabis from 60's and 70's.