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July 28 - July 29, 2018


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Megan Graham - Booth No.402
GEMM Farms
DAY: Saturday
TIME: 1:00 pm
HEMP 101

Megan Graham is from Portland, Oregon, and is the owner/operator of a grassroots company known as GEMM Farms. She likes to share knowledge about and makes a line of Industrial Hemp CBD products to improve quality of life and wellbeing. In this presentation, learn a brief overview of the 10,000 year history of this wondrous plant and its many uses. She will also share with you her knowledge about Industrial Hemp, CBD (Cannabidiol), and various ways of utilizing it to improve your quality of life. With in-depth information about how it works in healing your body, relieving pain, and helping you stay in balance. Attend the lecture, and receive a coupon for a free sample of a GEMM Farms products.