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June 9 - June 10, 2018

San Luis Obispo

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Michele Malaret - Booth No.402
Evio Labs
DAY: Sunday
TIME: 2:00 pm
21 Days and Counting... Are you ready for the new Regulations?

On July 1st, new stricter testing regulations will go into effect and the world of cannabis testing will change for everyone.  We'll explore the relationships between the players and how you can navigate through the maze of what's required with the new sampling process and what steps you can take to prevent your product from being returned or possibly destroyed.  We'll give you some insider knowledge on the types of pesticides that are popping up along with a closer look at the new microbial rules.  There are a limited number of testing labs that will be operational on July 1st; attend this presentation to gain the information you need to plan ahead and be successful.