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November 2 - November 3, 2019


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Ashly - Booth No.506
Royal Blunts
Tustin, CA

In the brand world, there are giants and there are empires that hold it all. You are witnessing the rise of a special tobacco empire, a team of new innovators, who hold the leading edge of tobacco excellence. “Royal Blunts is more than a tobacco product, they are a movement of Exquisite Flavor, Crafted Superior Quality, and an Engineered Genius of Social Media Marketing.”

Right now in their 20th year, Royal Blunts has become an international success, strategically “wrapping” the world of Lifestyle & Euphoric Tobacco products into one on-going experience. Their newest RB XXL flavor, “Chicken and Waffles” has taken the market by storm! To date, this flavor is the company’s biggest pre-sale order for any XXL flavor in history!

Royal Blunts continues to deliver pioneering products such as the new Glass Filter Tips, Naked Rolling Papers, XXL “Mile High” and XXL “Chronic,” among others.

New Image Global, Inc. Home of Royal Blunts Corporate office phone # 888-898-6879 FREE Tustin, CA.