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September 15 - September 16, 2018


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Jenny Cassa - Booth No.212
A-1 Scale Sales & Service / ABM Equipment Company

A-1 Scales handles all cannabis industry scale needs. We help growers, labs, and distributors select the right scales, register them, and everything in-between. Sales, calibration, certification, repairs, maintenance, and warranties can be taken care of on-site or at our facility. We offer competitive prices, fast service, and bulk discounts. ** Scales must be calibrated nearby to where they are used, and this requires a service van trip. We're offering special discounts at THC Fair to coordinate purchases and reduce the associated trips and fees. ** Our software division has also developed Cannabis Solutions, an app which streamlines manual weighing and protects companies from shrinkage due to over-filling and theft. ABM Equipment, the parent company, has specialized in bulk dry goods processing for over 40 years. We provide customized processing, portioning, and packaging solutions for ounce increments and above.