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September 8 - September 9, 2018


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Mahalath Wealthy - Booth No.117
Kangen Queens
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DAY: Saturday
TIME: 1:00 pm

Increase Yield with Chemical Free Pest Solution

Kangen Water is revolutionizing the Cannabis industry. It is the only 100% effective non-toxic solution for killing and preventing mites, including Russets, in all growth stages and leaves no residue. Kangen Water will increase your yield by increasing nutrient and oxygen uptake. This is hands down the least expensive option on the market that will lower your overall operating budget and increase your profits.

Kangen Water comes from the industry standard medical grade ionizer used throughout Japan for over 40 years in their hospitals and organic agricultural operations. The Kangen Machine makes Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water (EOW) that kills all mites, mold and mildew and then quickly reverts to normal water without affecting the pH of your soil. These powerful machines also make an ANTIOXIDANT drinking water referred to as Electrically Reduced Water (ERW) or "structured water" in medical literature that has been proven to be therapeutic for both human and animal consumption. This water is more hydrating than any other type of water for plants, animals and humans and it enables superior absorption of nutrients & oxygen on a cellular level, increasing the health and vitality of both cannabis and its growers.