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January 20 - January 21, 2018


Weekend Admission $15.00
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Ben Adams - Booth No.511
Phylos Bioscience
DAY: Saturday
TIME: 2:00 pm

Identify your varieties and female seedlings

Phylos Bioscience is a research and diagnostics company focused on Cannabis genomics; our goal is to bring Cannabis plant science into the 21st century. Despite the immense medical, historical, and industrial importance of this plant, we know less about its basic biology than we do about any other significant plant. In collaboration with a half-dozen major research universities, we are doing the research necessary to change that. Through partnerships with local Cannabis testing laboratories, we are making sure this research is made immediately available to the industry. We are a bridge between the research community and the Cannabis industry, and we believe the genetic knowledge we’re building will transform how people relate to this plant. * Quantitative Microbiology * Cannabis Strain Identification * Genetic Plant Sex Test