Reno 2018    July 28-29, 2018

SureStay Plus Best Western Airport Plaza Reno, 1981 Terminal Way,
Admission $15, Saturday 10-5:00
Sunday 11-4:30

Lecture Scheduled


Saturday, July 28, 2018


Sunday, July 29, 2018


Reno 2018 Presenters

Mary Webber
The Magic of Medibles
Saturday 11:00 AM

Making your own medicine can be an extremely valuable skill to have! Hear how Mary Webber of Mary Medibles Consulting learned how to make her own cannabis based medicaments to treat her remitting-relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. Then learn the basics on how to make your own edibles & topicals (to apply on your skin) to help you along your own journey with cannabis! Take advantage & ask YOUR questions during the Q&A immediately following Mary’s presentation.

Randal Barrett
The Science of Cannabis, Health & Delivery
Saturday 12:00 PM

Randal Barrett, a Journeyman Scientific Glassblower, will conduct a brief discussion on Cannabis Science & Health. Randal will give a breakdown on Concentrates, Vaping Dangers, Smoking & Edibles. Which method of delivery is best or most harmful? The answer may surprise you! Be sure not to miss this groundbreaking information about the good, the bad, and the ugly on Cannabis Delivery and Health.

Megan Graham
HEMP 101
Saturday 1:00 PM

Megan Graham is from Portland, Oregon, and is the owner/operator of a grassroots company known as GEMM Farms. She likes to share knowledge about and makes a line of Industrial Hemp CBD products to improve quality of life and wellbeing. In this presentation, learn a brief overview of the 10,000 year history of this wondrous plant and its many uses. She will also share with you her knowledge about Industrial Hemp, CBD (Cannabidiol), and various ways of utilizing it to improve your quality of life. With in-depth information about how it works in healing your body, relieving pain, and helping you stay in balance. Attend the lecture, and receive a coupon for a free sample of a GEMM Farms products.

Rebecca Knight, PH.D
How to Determine if LEDs are Right For You and Your Grow
Saturday 3:00 PM

There is much to discuss when it comes to using Light-emitting-diodes as sole-source lighting or supplemental lighting for your grow operation.  Some growers swear by it, while others vow never to go that route.  The aim of this presentation is to briefly discuss photon physics and generation in LEDs, the interactions of photons with plant photosystems, and how you can run back-of-the envelope return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations.   


Reno 2018 Exhibitors

The Herbal Gerbil
Booth # 106
Ashland, OR

Lady J Arts
Booth # 107
Talent, OR

Smokin Screws LLC
Booth # 201

Hold Booth
Booth # 300
, CA

Mari Jane's Massage
Booth # 310
Desert Hot Springs, CA

Mari Jane's Massage
Booth # 312
Desert Hot Springs, CA

Across International
Booth # 301
Livingston, NJ

Booth # 303
Central Point, OR

Sasquatch Soil
Booth # 305

Celebration Pipes
Booth # 309

Carnevale Confections
Booth # 311
Sparks, NV

BIOS Lighting
Booth # 313
Melbourne, FL

Across International
Booth # 400
Livingston, NJ

420 Trimming Services
Booth # 401
., CA

GEMM Farms
Booth # 402
Portland, OR

Gravel Pit Creations
Booth # 403
, NV

Booth # 412
Chico, CA

Rise Dispensaries
Booth # 413
Carson City, NV