Redding 2018    July 14-15, 2018

Holiday Inn - Redding, 1900 Hilltop Dr,
Admission $10, Saturday 10-5:00
Sunday 11-4:30

Lecture Scheduled


Saturday, July 14, 2018


Sunday, July 15, 2018


Redding 2018 Presenters

Joe Pietri
Using Photoperiodism to Customize Your Cannabis Grow
Saturday 11:00 AM

Photoperiodism, what is it? Join Joe Pietri in this engaging presentation to find out. Joe will discuss what a Short Day plant is, what a long day plant is, and what day neutral is. He will also cover what the correct Photo Periods are for cannabis and how to grow multiple crops year round using Photoperiodism and light deprivation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn this advanced growing technique from the King of Nepal!

Joe will also be discussing the benefits of outdoor light deprivation techniques for exceptional flower quality and production.

Joseph R. Pietri is the author of " The King of Nepal", a book of his life full of adventure,suspense within the drug trade before the drug wars started in the 1970's. Mr Pietri appears in the fascinating documentary "The American drug War;The last White hope".He also,will be in a bio of Peter Kelley who was a musician and in the cannabusiness,a drug dealer for top musicians .Joseph R.Pietri has earned respect at home and internationally within the cannabis culture as a trusted source of reliable information writing in such magazines as : High Times,Skunk, and Treating Yourself.Mr.Pietri has a very exciting new book coming out very soon titled "The 15 ounce,pound" ,where he exposes today's death grip on mother nature by the cannabis laws,regulations,top advisers,"professional growers",as all part of a system that robs humans of their natural born rights with misinformation and badly mutated genetics, rendering poor quality and useless cannabis unlike cannabis from 60's and 70's.

Eric Krzywicki
Grow Rooms 101
Saturday 12:00 PM

Do you want to grow indoors? If so, Scott will give you the information you need to know for profound success. He will cover equipment needs, Climate control, Humidity, temperature and Co2 systems that help you produce top shelf quality flower. Canna Mechanical has a deep knowledge on all things surrounding indoor grow operations as industry leading grow room specialists and build out professionals. Grab up a chair to get the secrets to an amazing indoor crop!

Randal Barrett
The Science of Cannabis, Health & Delivery
Saturday 1:00 PM

Randal Barrett, a Journeyman Scientific Glassblower, will conduct a brief discussion on Cannabis Science & Health. Randal will give a breakdown on Concentrates, Vaping Dangers, Smoking & Edibles. Which method of delivery is best or most harmful? The answer may surprise you! Be sure not to miss this groundbreaking information about the good, the bad, and the ugly on Cannabis Delivery and Health.

Vern Adams

Grow Workshop

Presented by Hermosa Seeds
Saturday 2:00 PM


Join Vern Adams, Master Breeder, at Hermosa Seeds for an extended and insightful overview of what to expect during vegetation and flowering cycles of growing cannabis plants. Vern will review each phase of growing, how to spot problems early and organic ways to minimize their impacts. He will also demonstrate how to sprout seeds, how to create clones, and how transplant your favorite plant.

If you are a beginner at growing or looking to increase your existing knowledge on the practice of growing cannabis you won’t want to miss this intensive overview on growing prefect plants! Vern will take questions and offer his insights to ensure you walk away with the knowledge you need to grow!

Scott Mosshart
Carbon Logic - Grow Bigger, Better Buds
Sunday 12:00 PM

Ag Energy is a clean technology company focused on converting agricultural waste into synthetic gas and high value natural soil amendment products branded “Carbon Logic". The Carbon Logic product line is being developed by customizing formulations for each crop to provide significant yield and quality improvements. In addition to improving crop yields, Carbon Logic reduces fertilizer and water usage, while providing an economical means for carbon sequestration.

In the expanding Marijuana Industry, growers are bearing the financial burden of the projected $15B in growth projected over the next 3 years. Currently, growers are struggling to scale up production. Carbon Logic can provide a significant increase to the quantity of marijuana produced by the cannabis plant. At the same time Carbon Logic products enhance overall plant vitality resulting in improved resistance to disease and minimizing potential crop damage.

Come see how this Carbon Logic can help the Cannabis Industry grow Bigger, Better Buds!!

Vern Adams
Incorporating Science and Cannabis Breeding
Sunday 1:00 PM

Breeding Cannabis for Medicine: How we apply what we have learned about Terpenes, Cannabinoids & the “Entourage effect” to breeding strains for Medicine.

We will discuss: Endo-Cannabinoid System and a historical timeline of Cannabis awareness. Breeding for bag appeal verses breeding for potential medicinal benefits.

Case Study: Our high CBD strain Cali Cure and its potential for medicinal benefits based on the scientific testing results

Catherine Emond
Compliance Testing 101 – What To Plan For
Sunday 2:00 PM

July 1 has come and gone – meaning that all cannabis products now on retail shelves must have passed compliance panel testing. What does this mean for the cannabis business bringing their first products to market?  What strategies will help you successfully test and get your product to market?   What should you anticipate when setting up your product testing plan? Let me help answer these questions and prepare you for compliance testing.


Redding 2018 Exhibitors

Kasviex, Inc.
Booth # 100
Folsom, CA

Original West Coast Apparel
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Smokin Screws LLC
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The Harvest Company
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Left Coast Garden Wholesale
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House & Garden / Humboldt Wholesale
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Canna Mechanical
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Gold Crown Seeds
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The Perfect Pipe
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Enchanted Growth
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420 Trimming Services
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Carbon Logic
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Velveteen Dreams seed co.
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Trim Butler
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Trim Butler
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Trim Butler
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Carnevale Confections
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Mari Jane's Massage
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The Original Resinator
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The Original Resinator
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Jam N Jet Genetics
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Bare Roots
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Evio Labs
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PAK-DAT420 lifestyle apparel
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Hermosa Seeds
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Plant success
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Queen of Dragons
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